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Unable to beat it? If all else fails, cheat...


Cheats for Windows, Mac and Linux

For PS1 cheats, see bottom of this page.

Enabling Cheat Mode

To enable cheat mode you need to do one of the following depending on the version of Warzone:

Version v2.3.x, v3.x and above (the latest versions):

  • Press Shift + Backspace during a game – this enables cheat mode and debug mode at the same time.

Version 2.2 or earlier on Windows or Linux:

  • Enable cheat mode via command line, then during game press Shift + Backspace to activate debug mode.

Version 2.2 or earlier on Mac:

For really old versions on Windows:

  • Just press t to enter chat mode, type the cheat code and press Return (no need to enter cheat or debug mode).

For old versions of the game, there is some additional information in the official wiki: Cheats in Old Warzone Versions

Multiplayer Cheat Mode

In Warzone 3.1 and above, it's possible to enable cheat mode in multiplayer games but it works a bit differently. You have to request cheat mode by pressing Shift + Backspace and then wait for the majority of other players to approve your request.

When a request is made, all players will see a message about the request in their console. To approve the request, they have to press Enter to open their console, then type "cheat on" (without the quotes) and then press Enter again to confirm.

Video of Cheat Mode

This video shows how to enable cheat mode in single player games and use some cheat codes on Warzone 2.3.x and above:

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts work when in cheat mode...



Same as Cheat Code...

Shift + Backspace

Toggle "Debug" mode (enable/disable cheats)


cheat on

cheat off

Shift + F12

Toggle sensor and weapon range display for selected units or structures.

Yellow fire indicates range of weapons, blue orbs indicate range of sensors.



Ctrl + BComplete mission (Campaign Mode only)let me win
Ctrl + E

Toggle gateways display (version 3.1 or above)

Old Warzone versions: Show selected unit info.


Ctrl + G

Reveal entire map, same as having a Satellite Uplink Centre


Ctrl + IOld versions: Recalculate lighting.let there be light
Ctrl + JToggle fog on/off. 
Ctrl + KToggle mist on/off. 
Ctrl + L

Trace selected droid/structure to debug (useful for developers)

Old Warzone versions: Change fog colour


Ctrl + M

Recent Warzone versions: Toggle unit pathfinding display

Old Warzone versions: Skip mission (Campaign Mode only)


let me win

Ctrl + N

Makes your units stronger and increases weapon damage.

Old versions: Apparently gave 4000 power.

biffer baker

Ctrl + OShow/hide the Debug Menu 
Ctrl + POld versions: Unlimited power.whale fin
Ctrl + QToggle weather between snow, rain or clear.john kettley
Ctrl + XInstantly complete all active researchwork harder
Ctrl + YDisplays game information and statstimedemo

Ctrl + +


Ctrl +

Increase or decrease game speed. Requires Warzone 3.1 b1+.

  • Multiplayer games: All players have to cheat on first to enable cheat mode.
  • Single player games: You can use it at any time (no need to be in cheat mode)
  • More info in the forums.
Alt + AAllows you to build and research everythinggive all

Alt + J

(or just J?)

Old versions: Remove scroll limits (Campaign Mode only) 

Alt + K

Kill the selected units


Alt + N

(or just N?)

Old versions: Access all tempates (Campaign Mode only)legs?


Decrease tile height (applies to tile under mouse pointer)


Increase tile height (applies to tile under mouse pointer)

Old versions: Used to flatten the map.

KOld Warzone versions: Give templates to user.legs?

List common keyboard shortcuts (for use in normal gameplay)

Will scroll off screen, but you can pause the game to freeze the scrolling.

VToggle visibility of undiscovered terrain on the mini map. 

Let's you play as one of your opponents (the one nearest the camera)

Note: It's easier to use the Debug Menu as you can choose a player more easily.

Old versions: Same as demo mode.


Cheat Codes

After enabling cheat mode (see top of this page), press Enter, then type in the desired cheat code, then press Enter again.

Items marked with (warning) may crash the game if used in Campaign mode.

Cheat mode
cheat on2.3.0+

Enables cheat mode

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this.


See: cheat on.

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this.

cheat off2.3.0+

Disables cheat mode

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this.

Graphics & Mouse

how fast


See: showfps.



Invert mouse vertical rotation direction. (See also: Mouse Options Menu)



Toggle camera shake when buildings are destroyed. (See also: Graphic Options Menu)


Toggle FPS (frames per second) display.

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this (since version 2.3.0).



Displays game information and stats

Campaign Mode

time toggle


(warning) Toggle mission time (Campaign Mode only)



Sets hard difficulty (Campaign Mode only)



Sets normal difficulty (Campaign Mode only)



Sets easy difficulty (Campaign Mode only)

let me win


(warning) Completes the current mission (Campaign Mode only, bugfixed and improved in 3.2+)

hallo mein schatz


(warning) Same as "let me win" (German version, Campaign Mode only)


Toggle display of map or level name.

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this.


build info


Displays date on which your version of Warzone was released

carol vorderman


See: no faults.

count me


Displays total number of objects on the map

damage me3.1 B8+Damages selected unit or structure
desync me3.1.0+Forces a game desync
sync me3.1 B1 & B2Forces a game sync



Shows unit information and stats


Display JS environment console listing labels, globals, etc.

Also provides a dynamic script evaluation console.


Display a file dialog that allows any installed AI to be loaded for the currently selected player.

You can change which player is selected using the Debug Menu prior to issuing this cheat.

logical3.1.0→3.1.XLogical game updates separated from graphical updates.
noassert2.2.0+Turns off asserts
no faults2.0.0→2.0.10Used to play an audio clip: "There are no faults in the renderer at the moment".
showorders2.2.0+Toggle display of current order and action for the selected unit.
showsamples2.1.0+Displays number of sound samples queued.
tileinfo2.1.0+Output debug info for a tile.



This used to display the version number on old versions of Warzone.

In newer versions of Warzone, the version number is shown on the Main Menu or you can use the build info cheat in-game.

Demo Mode
autogame on3.1 B9+Makes NEXUS AI take over the human player.
autogame off3.1 B9+Returns control to the human player.

In old versions of the game, this would start demo mode (an AI takes over the human player)

The demo code was mostly broken in the 2.x versions, and finally removed in 3.2.

demo mode


See: demo.


more power


Adds 1000 power

power info3.1.0+Display some power info

show me the power


See: more power.

Removed prior to 1.10a



Fills your power bar (maximum power)

whale fin


Toggle infinite power


give all



(warning) Makes all technologies and buildings available

(this cheat may also have been available in 1.x versions prior to 1.10a)

research all


Researches all available technologies

work harder


Finishes all current research at your research labs

Units, Strength & Damage

biffer baker


Makes your units 10x more deadly, and enemy units 99 times weaker.

clone wars


Duplicates the selected unit(s)

double up


Makes your units twice as strong (take half the damage) as the enemy units.

get off my land


Kills all visible enemy units and structures



Kills the selected unit(s)

kill selected


See: kill




(question) something to do with debugging cyborg legs templates in 2.2.x (those aren't in github) & was reintroduced in 2.3.2

(info) You don't need to be in cheat mode to use this (since version 2.3.2).

reload me


Immediately reloads selected unit or structure

sparkle green


See: biffer baker

Map and weather



Reveal entire map, same as having a Satellite Uplink Centre

john kettley


Toggles weather between rain, snow or clear.

See also: setWeather()



Toggles display of sensor ranges (same as Shift + F12)

pause3.1.0+Pause the game
Unknown – codes that existed prior to source code release
show mappings



Toggle infinite power.

Replaced by whale fin in 1.10a

templatesPRE-1.10Apossibly related to legs?
select allPRE-1.10A

Select all combat units. Use Ctrl + A instead in more recent versions.

let there be lightPRE-1.10ARecalculate lighting.

finish now


Finish all research.

Replaced by work harder in 1.10a.

outlinesPRE-1.10AToggle outlines. (not sure "outlines" is correct code)
screendumpPRE-1.10AScreen dump. (not sure "screendump" is correct code)

Display sensor ranges.

Replaced by sensors in 2.0.0.

from abovePRE-1.10A

Reveal entire map, same as having a Satellite Uplink Centre.

Replaced by diety in 2.0.0.

unit statsPRE-1.10A

Output information about selected droids.

Replaced by droidinfo in 2.0.0.

Drive Mode

Drive mode is an experimental feature in which you can control a unit using the arrow keys. Since it is experimental, it requires cheat mode, and is not available in multiplayer games.

To enter drive mode, once you're in cheat mode, select the unit you want to drive, press Spacebar and then press Shift + D.

Once in drive mode, you can use     to drive the unit – it sometimes works, not always though!

Cheats for PlayStation (PS1)

Note: You need two controllers to use these cheats.

  1. On controller 2, press and hold  until the memory card or first game screen appears
  2. While at the main menu or during a paused game, press the following one after the other:

That should put you in to cheat mode. Enabling cheat more also activates the menu items for Campaign 2 and 3.

During the game, if cheat mode is enabled, you can use controller 2 to do the following cheats:

Place any building on the map instantly (no need to research/build)
Place any unit on the map instantly (no need to research/build)
All items available in research lab
Reveal entire map (same as having a Satellite Uplink Centre)
Infinite power
Super-strong units
Finish current research
Toggle debug mode
Make your units weaker
Skip to next mission

Play as a different faction (eg. NEXUS).

This also allows you to get their units and buildings.


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