(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!

The Collapse

During a routine systems test on a satellite missile defence system, something went terribly wrong...


In the late 21st century, NASDA (the North American Strategic Defense Agency) developed and deployed a massive missile defense system, including a network of nuclear-equipped satellites and ground-based launch sites. However, during a routine maintenance check, something went terribly wrong...

Dusk, November 3rd, 2085

"The Collapse came fast and hard. Following a technical error in the satellite defense system, nuclear warheads were fired at Washington, Beijing and Moscow. Minutes later, ground based sites fired in response to the launch. Millions died as nuclear restorms wiped out the world's cities. Billions more died as plagues and epidemics swept away what remained of civilization. Less than a million people survived the Collapse. Earth broke into hundreds of small scavenger bands battling each other for the remnants of the former civilization. Only a few had the vision to attempt to rebuild a new world from the ashes."




Nuclear winter


Pre-Collapse Factions

These are the factions that existed before The Collapse:

Post-Collapse Factions

These are the factions that existed after The Collapse: