(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!

Draft timeline

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2050(question)(question)(question)Game bookletNATO alliance collapses in face of growing nationalism and unrest in Europe.NATO collapses
2075(question)(question)(question)Game bookletNationalist unrest in Eastern Europe and Asia leads to nuclear attacks by terrorists.Terrorist nuclear attacks
"(question)(question)(question)Game booklet

Synaptic Link research begins.

(warning) cam3abf.txt states "In 2080, Dr Reed landed a contract with the US Military to develop the synaptic link technology." which is wrong.

Synaptic Link technology research starts

NASDA was formed in 2076 to defend North America from conventional and nuclear attack.

(warning) game booklet states: "2080: NASDA (North American Strategic Defense Agency) formed to protect North America from nuclear attacks." – no way would they wait 5 years after terrorist nuke attacks before setting up NASDA?!

Note: In either case, it means that NASDA couldn't be the ones funding Dr. Reeds synaptic link tech, because NASDA were set up after that research started.

Also, at some point Dr. Alan Reed becomes lead scientist at NASDA - would be useful to determine date for that?

NASDA formed
2077(question)(question)(question)Game bookletMongolia attacks China.huh?
2079(question)(question)(question)Game bookletKorea allies with Mongolia.huh?
2080(question)(question)(question)Game booklet

Synaptic Link Patented. First Cyborg Soldiers developed.

Synaptic Link technology research completed.


After patenting the synaptic link five years later, Dr Reed continued his researches into cybernetics.

His goal this time was to allow transfer of human consciousness into data streams that could meld with computer technologies.

Backed again by the military, Dr Reed began work on the NEXUS Intruder Program.

NEXUS Intruder Program research starts.

The construction of a satellite defense system began in 2081

(warning) Game booklet states: "2080: NASDA (North American Strategic Defense Agency) formed to protect North America from nuclear attacks." Seems a better date - gives 2 years for satellites to be set up?

Satellite Defence System started


Game booklet

"...and was completed in 2082"

"2082: NASDA satellite system comes on-line."

Satellite Defence System completed


After three years with little progress, the military abandoned the Nexus Project and cut Dr Reed's funding.

NEXUS Intruder Program funding cut by military



Game booklet

In 2085 the NASDA satellites fired their nukes at Earth.

Dusk, November 3rd, 2085 / Earth, High Orbit / The Collapse

2085: During routine testing the NASDA system malfunctions and launches nuclear strikes against all major cities in the world. The target countries respond with nuclear counter-strikes and NASDA fails to defend against incoming missiles.

The Collapse starts
"""immediately after...cam22fmv.txtDuring the counterstrikes, these LasSats failed to fire.Nuclear counter-strikes


Game booklet

January 19th, 2086 / North America / Nuclear Winter

"2086: Nuclear Winter begins. Widespread plagues and famines kill billions of people. Civilization ends. NASDA systems lie dormant following electromagnetic pulses."

Nuclear winter starts


We'd fled Seattle early in '86. We'd heard that the Rocky Mountains were relatively rad-free.

Fleeing Seattle


After fighting off bands of marauders...Journey to Rockies.


Game booklet

Midnight, April 10th, 2086 / Rocky Mountains / Safety

2086: ... A group of survivors discover an abandoned subterranean military base. They set up home there and begin The Project.

Base in Rockies found

The Project founded.



We rebuilt the landing pads and brought the old systems back online.Rebuilding the base - Project HQ
2099(question)(question)(question)Game booklet2099: The Project emerges from its military base. 
2100Apr4thDawndevastation.txaDawn, April 4th, 2100 / North America / A New Beginning"The Project" starts!

"3 months ago" (in context of mission in NP campaign) nexus intruder prog enters NP systems at same time as it tried to infect Project HQ systems.

"tried"? That means that Project would be aware of the intruder prog before Alpha Base is founded!

Assuming NP were already infected when Project founded Alpha Base, that would mean infection took place around May or June 2100.

NEXUS Intruder Program infects Project & NP HQs.

"Jul4thDawnc001.txaDawn, July 4th, 2100 / Project HQ / A New EraAlpha, Beta, Gamma transports are launched
"""Morningc001.txaMorning, July 4th, 2100 / In-flight to Western Sector / Team Alpha nears its destinationAlpha Campaign - New Paradigm
"Sep1stMorningc002.txaMorning, September 1st, 2100 / In-flight to Eastern Sector / Team Alpha approaches Beta BaseBeta Campaign: The Collective



Dusk, December 3rd, 2100 / In-flight to Northern Sector / The Final Encounter

December 3rd 2100 / Survivors en route to Gamma Base...

Gamma Campaign: NEXUS