(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!


Warzone includes an extensive and challenging series of single-player "Campaigns"...



These campaigns are in very early stages of design.

This series, developed by the community, revolves around events immediately before and after The Collapse.

Campaign 1 - Reed Corp.

Campaign 2 - NASDA


These are the original Warzone campaigns developed by Pumpkin Studios. The series is named after the Deliverance comic.

The Project sends out three teams (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) to recover pre-Collapse artifacts.


These campaigns are currently under development or discussion.

<no description yet>

Campaign 8 - ?

Campaign 9 - ?

Because I'm going to be linking so much stuff on this wiki to the campaigns, I've decided to plan ahead and renumber the campaigns based on what they will likely be in the future: Discuss...