(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!

Cargo Containers

Stacking cargo containers whilst map designing to create walls and arches.




Around 2009, Rman Virgil experimented with stacking map features that looked like cargo containers whilst designing maps.

The result is walls and arches created from these features as shown in the screenshots to the left.

They were planned as a unique feature for Scavenger bases:

I played around extensively, in game, with a new Scavenger specific feature - cargo containers. I extrapolated that they would still be around even more plentiful than corrugated tin or any of the vehicles for that matter. They would also make more sense for scavengers to use in creating fortifications than scraps of wood and tin. These were assembled lego-like in the map making phase of design.
Rman Virgil

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