(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!


Explosive mines and cyborgs to place and detect them...



Two cyborg templates were designed specifically for laying and detecting mines:

Cyborg Mine Layer

Places mines on the battlefield.

This cyborg was equipped with a mini rocket pod to defend itself whilst laying mines.

Cyborg Mine Sweeper

Detects buried mines and possibly destroys them?

This cyborg had no way to defend itself and was thus quite useless!


Contact MineR-Wpn-Mine01

Anti Tank Mine

Incendiary MineR-Wpn-Mine03
Shrapnel MineR-Wpn-Mine04
Heavy Anti Tank MineR-Wpn-Mine05
Plasmite MineR-Wpn-Mine06
EMP MineR-Wpn-Mine07
"Omega" MineR-Wpn-Mine08


Cyborg Minesweeper

The mine sweeper is the unit that's selected in the image above.

Cyborg mine layers

The image shows numerous units and turrets that came with the NTW mod, the mine layers are near the top-right.


Mines were introduced in a Warzone 1.12 patch-mod, and were also available in the Nexus Total War (NTW) mod. They were removed in Warzone 2.x.

The idea for Mine Tech first came up in Pumpkin Studios Official WZ bbs. We took it up as a goal in NEWST. It became a reality about 3 years later, after NEWST morphed into Pumpkin-2 and due to the efforts over those years of the legendary Stratadrake (along with 4nE), and was released as part of the Patch-Mod dubbed v.1.12.
Rman Virgil 

Unlike the 1.12 patch-mod, mines in the NTW mod have to be built with trucks. NTW introduced a wide range of new mine types, and also enhanced how they worked in many ways, for example showing radar blips to the owning player, and allowing mine layers to retreat a safe distance before the mine became active.

Unusual things

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