(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!

Ultimate Scavenger Mod

The Scavengers are on the rampage...


Once upon a time, Berg has come up with a "Scavenger Crane" model. Since scavengers are known to use quite a lot of different vehicles for their raids, it made sense for them to have such a strong heavy unit, but there's nothing revolutionary in that yet. What happened later is not really clear, but most likely it was aubergine who came up with an idea of making Berg's Crane act as a scavenger truck that builds buildings for them.

With some help of Iluvalar, an experienced modder who turned out to be in #warzone2100-games FreeNode IRC channel at the right time, the model was imported into the game in a playable manner.

Then it was up to NoQ, who already made some JS AI experiments, to teach the scavenger AI produce the Berg's Cranes and use them for building defensive structures, oil derricks, power generators and, ultimately, new scavenger factories. The AI also used his combat units in a more complicated manner compared to the standard Scavenger AI. Berg, on his side, kept creating new scavenger models, and a few models by other people were imported as well. As a result, the Ultimate Scavenger AI mod was created, as a nice example of community cooperation work.

Some of the models used in scavenger mod:

  • Models by Berg: Crane, Tractor, Camper, Truck (with room for three turrets!), Ice Cream Van, Nexus Link Garbage Tank (yeah, it captures your buildings and tanks!), VTOL factory.
  • Scavenger AA Tower by Mysteryem.
  • Alternative Scavenger Crane by Flail13.
    Last but not least, the amazing Scavenger Helicopter by Black Project, with blade animation work by Berg and Mysteryem, produced in the Berg's VTOL factory.

Berg's Crane produced by the scavenger AI.

Three-turret truck, tractor, Flail13's Crane,
and the Chopper near a scavenger VTOL factory.

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