(warning) This encyclopaedia contains lots of spoilers - you should play through the campaigns first before reading too much here!

Contingency Mod

Adds a bewildering array of new features...


What started out as a discussion about rebalancing the main game turned into a mod that was so large in scale that it's more like an expansion pack for Warzone.

The main goal was to provide a rebalanced, fun experience for players to enjoy Warzone in new ways.

- Transitioning from an additive upgrade system (for example, going from %100 to %125 to %150 to %175...) to an exponential system (for example, going from %100 to %110 to %121 to %133.1...), so that each new upgrade has as proportionally big of an impact over the previous upgrade as the previous upgrade had over the one that came before it.
- Standardizing weapons and vehicle bodies so that both small and big units could have an equal chance at stealing the spotlight, even in late-game.
- Making the weapon lines a bit more independent of eachother.
- Combining some similar weapon lines, such as AA with Machineguns, Mortars with Howitzers, and Rockets with Missiles, so that upgrades would be more applicable to a wider variety of similar weapons (such as Machineguns and AA, or Rockets and Missiles), and so that upgrades from older obsolete weapon lines (such as Mortars) could carry on over to newer ones (such as Howitzers).
- Patching weaknesses to various weapon lines so that players that specialize in them aren't as vulnerable to threats that the weapon lines would've normally been weak against in "vanilla Warzone 2100" (such as tanks for Machineguns, and Cyborgs for Cannons). For the Flamer line, this involved moving the start of the Lasers line to the beginning of T2.
- Adding many cross-weapon-line technologies to help promote diversity in terms of research for high-oil and team-based games, even in spite of my efforts to patch many weapon lines' traditional weaknesses.
- Splitting Kinetic Armor upgrades away from Composite Alloys into its own upgrade line: Reactive Armor. This is so that players could choose to upgrade unit HP independently from Kinetic Armor, which wouldn't matter if the opponent was specializing in, say, Lasers or Flamers.
- Merging Vehicle and Cyborg upgrades into upgrade lines that would apply to both vehicles and Cyborgs. No longer would players be forced into choosing one over the other.
- Merging Structure Materials upgrades with Improved Hardcrete upgrades, for the same reasons above.
- Adjusting research progress so that players starting out on T1 no-bases games would more gradually be introduced to new gameplay mechanics in a fair and balanced way, and have a better chance at dealing with opponents that exploit them, as the match goes on.
- Adding more fortresses to more weapon lines. Previously, only the Cannon/Railgun and Rocket/Missile lines had access to fortresses.
- Rebalancing propulsions so that Tracks, Half-Tracks, and even Wheels could get more love, even in late-game.
- Giving some underused technologies, including Tank Traps, some much-needed attention.
- Adding heavier versions of some existing turrets (such as Twin Minipods, Heavy Trucks, and Heavy Sensor Turrets to name a few) so that players could have a wider variety of more viable turrets to choose from for their heavier vehicles.

This mod is still in beta.

If you run in to any problems, please let the author know via the forums (link below). 

Get the latest version of this mod from Sourceforge.

Check out the Warzone 2100 forums for updates.

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